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Situated along the shores of Tondo District of Manila, Manila North Harbour Port Inc. (MNHPI) is the largest and leading domestic port in the Philippines. Its 52.5 hectare multi-purpose port terminal is used for both cargo and passenger accommodations, with 10 piers and 8 wharves in total. With a 5,200-meter quay, Manila North Harbour is able to accommodate all types of inter-island vessels. It is a joint venture between Harbour Centre Port Terminal Inc., the largest bulk and break-bulk port operator in the country, and Petron Corporation, an industry leader in the fuel and oil sector.

Three years ago in 2010, MNHPI secured their facility with 11 units of Firetide’s HotPort 6202.

Because wireless connection was their requirement, i3 Technologies Corporation chose Firetide to provide wireless mesh network technology. As the first Firetide project of i3 Technologies, MNHPI was truly groundbreaking.

Firetide’s HotPort 6202’s mesh nodes provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over high-performance, self-forming, wireless mesh backbone, usable indoors, outdoors, or onboard moving vehicles. Designed for seamless indoor and outdoor operation, the HotPort mesh network securely handles concurrent video, voice, and data applications, making it ideal for municipal, public safety, and industrial networks. The mesh’s self-forming and self-healing properties enabled rapid deployment and dependable operation, as Firetide’s AutoMesh routing protocol manages network load and traffic congestion to optimize mesh-wide performance and capacity.

i3 used Axis IP-Surveillance (4 units of Axis 6034E, 16 units of P1347-E, 2 units of M3203) cameras as well as 14 units of Q7401 Video Encoder and Milestone Video Management to complement Firetide’s Wireless Backhaul.

Although the schedule was tight and the facility was operational during the installation, i3 was able to overcome these challenges and successfully complete the project within the timeframe desired by Manila North Harbour. In recognition of this achievement, Firetide awarded i3 with the Mission Impossible Award. This was given in February 2011 during the Asia Pacific Partner Summit in Phuket, Thailand, “in recognition for i3’s outstanding achievement and support to the success of Firetide, by completing the industrial mesh solution project in Asia Pacific in record time.”

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