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Convergys is a corporation that sells customer and information management. Its headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and they have over 89,000 employees around the world. Convergys opened its first contact center in Manila in 2003, and it has since grown with 15 contact centers in the Philippines: 10 all throughout Metro Manila, 3 in Cebu, 1 in Bacolod, and the latest in Baguio City. With approximately 25,000 employees in the Philippines, there is no doubt that Convergys is steadily growing each year.

It is for all of this that i3 takes pride in servicing 80% of Convergys’ sites. Way back in 2003, Convergys secured their first contact center with the help of i3 Technologies. Since then, i3 has built a lasting partnership with the company, as it continues to service their Access Control and Surveillance System needs in majority of their contact centers today.

Using Tyco Security Products, i3 has successfully met Convergys’ changing requirements every year, growing as Convergys grows. By meeting all projects on time, employing 24/7 Technical Support, and stocking up on spare parts and products for Convergys to reduce total resolution time, it’s no wonder i3 has built a strong relationship with one of the biggest BPOs in the country.

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